The Modern Spend Control Platform for Restaurants

Tab enhances restaurant spending from invoice processing & approvals to flexible payments & beyond. Unlock real-time visibility & controls that drive 5%+ savings and cut back-office work by 90%+.
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We're modernizing restaurant spend control

We're taking a powerful new approach by introducing the first truly automated Spend Control Platform for Restaurants. The result is a 5%+ reduction in total costs, 100% of overcharges eliminated & an unprecedented level of control.

Today, restaurants of all types flow $100s of millions of purchases through Tab every year and we help ensure no dollar is improperly spent - unlocking millions in new profit with minimal work required.
What is automated spend control?

The single best way for restaurants to unlock higher profit margins

Today, restaurant groups have poor connectivity between procurement, operations, and finance. This creates a 'hidden' cost layer that can inflate food, beverage, technology, and other costs by as much as 10%.

Tab seamlessly unifies procurement, operations, and finance workflows to drastically enhance the invoice lifecycle with real-time invoice audits, internal approvals, error & fraud detection, and much more. The result is simplified spend control, reduced manual work, and 5%+ total savings.
What can tab do?

We're arming restaurants with world-class spend control

Tab drastically improves the entire invoice lifecycle for restaurant groups - eliminating most manual work, improving spending controls & unlocking significant net new profit
Advanced Invoice Processing
Tab is the only platform to leverage AI + humans to drive near 100% data accuracy without EDI or manual input
Unified Purchasing Data
Tab unifies all purchasing data across the company with powerful access, storage & search capabilities
Receiving & Approvals
Tab enables seamless approvals that drive accountability & ensure invoices match supplier deliveries
Fraud & Error Detection
Tab analyzes every single supplier invoice to catch costly errors & potential fraud before its paid
Real-Time Procurement Audit
Tab audits every purchase in real-time against supplier contracts - guaranteeing 100% compliance
AP Process Enhancement
Tab easily embeds right into existing AP processes, boosting controls & driving 5%+ savings on total costs
Real-Time Price Monitoring
Tab monitors all purchase prices in real-time and notifies you when something needs attention
Technoloy Cost Monitoring
Tab monitors the full cost of the restaurant tech stack, from delivery apps to payment processing & more
Analytics, Insights & More
Tab enables powerful purchasing analysis, insights, reporting, and much more. Get in touch with us.
how does tab work?

We're taking a new approach to restaurant spend control

Unified Data
Tab automatically unifies & cleans all purchasing data in real-time directly from the source. No EDIs, no manual upload, and no extra work required.

Eliminate manual data input entirely while implementing the right checks & balances.
Powerful Monitoring
Leverage our Procurement Automation to enable real-time control & monitoring across every single dollar spent.

Stop wading through endless data and simply be notified when something in your purchasing data needs attention.
Actionable Alerts
Tab flags & supports a rapid path to action when something isn't right before it spins out of control and hurts the bottom line.

With seamless collaboration between HQ and locations, costly issues get resolved fast & efficiently.
Profit Margin Growth
By leveraging Tab, restaurants can easily implement world-class procurement practices into their daily finance & operations workflows.

The result is significant margin expansion, happier teams & faster, more efficient growth.
Unified Data
Tab automatically unifies, cleans, enriches, and analyzes all cost data in real-time directly from the source - no extra work required.
Powerful Monitoring
Tab monitors all purchase data in real-time, from prices, rebates, invoices, contracts, order guides, and more to identify profit growing opportunities.
Actionable Insights
Tab flags & supports a rapid path to action on new opportunities or when something isn't right before it spins out of control and hurts the bottom line.
Profit Expansion
By leveraging Tab, restaurants easily identify & act on cost control opportunities & issues that eliminate excess costs & grow profit margins.

Hear it from our restaurant partners

$175,000 Saved
"We leverage Tab's Cost Control Platform across our 9 locations and within 3 weeks we had identified and acted on insights that drove $175k in savings."
Owner, Squires Pub Group (9 locations)
Full Control of Spend
"Tab eliminates 6 hours of weekly desk work and helps us easily keep track of every single dollar we spend across several locations.”
Vice President, Boxcar Social (6 locations)

Giving busy restaurant operators leverage

Access a whole new level of control & leverage over restaurant spending & purchasing. Grow profitability with Tab Commerce.
Eliminate 5h+ of location-level office work a week
Tab eliminates the need for location-level teams to handle their own invoices and related desk work.

Instead, leverage our modern top-down approach - capture everything at the HQ level and leveraging dataflow automation for seamless location-level checks & balances
Real-time, 100% accurate, detailed purchasing data
Tab powers the cleanest, fastest, and most simple purchasing data infrastructure for restaurants. Get the data that matters to the right person instantly to drive highly profitable action and increase margins.

With Tab, you're in full control

Nobody knows your restaurant group like you, thats why Tab provides the highest quality technology, insights, and resources for you to run your most profitable business.
Dedicated Support from Day 1
Right from the first introduction call, you have a dedicated Tab teammate to get you fully onboarded in a day without any extra work on you.
Extension of Your Team
Access all the benefits of a world-class internal purchasing team without the cost or complexity.
Data Privacy & Security
All your data remains highly secured in your account and is never shared with other parties
The Tab approach

An approach designed for this great industry

Significant Savings
Tab delivers real, actionable savings insights that drive actual dollars to your bottom line
Data privacy & security
All data is securely contained within your account and used benefit you, it's never shared with other parties
White Glove Experience
We make the full adoption of Tab as simple as just saying 'yes' - we do all of the heavy lifting
Learn More about Tab
A member of our team will reach out to learn more about your business, walk through the Tab Platform, answer any questions, and can also get you setup within a few hours.
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