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Tab Commerce raises US$1M

Tab Commerce raises a US$1M financing round from Matchstick Ventures
April 17, 2023
Ty Wilson
Co-Founder & CEO
Tab Commerce
Sam Unterman
Co-Founder & CTO
Tab Commerce

We're excited to announce that we've raised US$1M from Matchstick Ventures to help more restaurants seamlessly manage and reduce their expenses.

With this announcement, we're coming out of Beta and are beginning to expand access for restaurants across Canada and soon, the US.

Since launching into Beta in November, we've helped restaurants eliminate 85%+ of their manual back office desk work and better manage $10s of millions of expenses, ranging from food & beverage purchases, technology subscriptions, labor, equipment repairs, and much more.

The average restaurant today needs to manually manage $100s of thousands of expenses each year across a highly fragmented, constantly changing set of products and suppliers. This critical back office work is very labor intensive yet still leads to suboptimal visibility and control over expenses, and zero visibility into the opaque world of restaurant purchasing. The result is countless hours at a desk, $10s of thousands in excess costs each year and many other issues.

We're fixing these issues with the first truly automated, touchless expense control platform for restaurants - meaning we track and capture every single dollar spent directly from the source. Restaurants using Tab eliminate painfully manual back office desk work, gain real-time visibility over every dollar they spend, and get access to thousands of dollars in monthly savings. All with zero extra work or training...and especially no invoice scanning.

With backgrounds in the restaurant industry and experience across technology, finance, and more, the Tab Team is incredibly excited to continue helping restaurant operators better manage and reduce their expenses.

This round follows our first institutional raise from Mucker Capital and several angel investors in 2022.

If you're a restaurant operator interested in learning more - visit our site or send an email to our Co-Founder & CEO, Ty Wilson, at

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