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How We Onboard & Support

Opening up our playbook for how we work with our restaurant partners
April 2, 2024
Ty Wilson
Co-Founder & CEO
Tab Commerce
James Tice
Head of Growth
Tab Commerce

The playbook for onboarding our restaurant partners. 

We all know the feeling of buying software and then wondering, “Now what?”

You don’t know how the product works properly. 

The sales team has ghosted you. 

Customer success has yet to reach out. 

We’re flipping the onboarding and customer support narrative on its head.

Process Overview: 

  • Sales & Customer Success Handoff
  • User Onboarding 
  • Supplier information and data capture 
  • Ongoing Support 

1. Sales & Customer Success Handoff

Well before our partners sign with Tab Commerce, our Customer Success team is fully in the know on everything the Sales team knows. We even introduce you to the person who will be your dedicated Account Manager before you sign.

Once you decide to work with Tab, we will turn your sandbox account, which your team had access to with your data before onboarding, into a live user account. 

Your dedicated Account Manager will schedule a time with your team and the necessary stakeholders to walk you through the platform.

During the onboarding call, Eric will provide a comprehensive walk-through of Tab’s functionality and address any questions or concerns that stakeholders may have. 


The Tab Platform is incredibly powerful. Our partners need to understand its features to fully leverage its power. 

Our customer success and sales team are always in sync to ensure that your onboarding is as smooth and effortless as possible. 

2. Onboarding 

At this stage in the onboarding process, we will begin turning all of your team's necessary stakeholders into account holders. 

This includes: 

  • Giving each person the right seat
  • Giving stakeholders the correct access level 
  • Setting different permission levels for users


Tab allows you to give access to individual location-level staff to easily verify purchase deliveries, comment on and approve invoices, and other capabilities. 

3. Supplier Information & Data Capture

An influential proponent of the Tab platform is to have automatic data capture. 

This will require us to contact your current suppliers to ensure that they CC our “data capture” team email so your invoices can start flowing right through the tab platform. 

In addition, we will require the past few months of spend data and supplier contracts. 

Our team will clean this data and create rules. This is essentially code that verifies every invoice against their contracts. 


Tab thrives off your DATA. 

While data may appear to be extremely messy to your team at the moment, whether it’s the countless paper invoices or complex Excel spreadsheets, Tab Makes your data simple and easy to understand. 

DATA fuels our platform to provide you with the best insights. 

4. Ongoing Support 

Our team always prioritizes your experience on our platform. 

Whether that’s 24/7 access, dedicated account managers, comprehensive knowledge bases, or informative blog articles, our team has you covered. 

In addition, we schedule frequent check-ins with your stakeholders, ensuring that your platform is always within your expectations. 


We believe that most restaurant tech companies have ruined the trust of buyers. Whether that’s outlandish sales tactics or false promises, the overall buying and support experience has jaded restaurants. 

At Tab, we take the opposite path. 

Whenever you need something, we go and do it. 


If you’d like to connect with our sales team and learn more about the Tab Platform, book a Discovery Call with our Head of Growth, James Tice. 

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